September 28, 2021 - Episode 046

Other countries, please boycott Australia IMMEDIATELY!


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Other countries, please boycott Australia IMMEDIATELY!

This might sound strange coming from a patriot, but it is because I am a patriot that I request you do this. 

When you're in deep the only way to go is further in. 

Lobby your politician in your country to boycott Australian products and services and place huge tariffs on Australian goods and services that come from any business with more than 20 people employed. 

Within your business and within your community and family do the same thing and if buying from Australia buy consciously products that only support small business. There are probably very few if any so that will mean sourcing your needs, wants and desires of anything made in Australia elsewhere for a little while..

Cease all trade and cease any plans of tourism. Shut it all down. Refuse coming over here or buying anything from this country, unless it is from a small business. 

Yes it'll be tough. Yes, we'll learn to become more self-sufficient. 

The big corporations and government are the only ones benefiting right now. They've shut down and destroyed our economy. Now help us shut the whole dog and pony show down for real. 

I said at the beginning of 2020, if they want to lock down the society and shut down the economy, then we the people can shut the whole fucking thing down bigger and better than they can. Unfortunately it has taken a long time for many people to stand up and even still, in the face of unprecedented violence against the population, many people are still hiding behind the excuse that they need to pay their mortgage and put food on the table. 

Newsflash assholes, we all do!

Now we need your help! Help from every freedom loving person and business in the world. Irrespective of your real and genuine thoughts on the vaccine, if you look at what is happening in Australia …  the police brutality, beating innocent people, smashing their heads into concrete floors, opening fire on crowds and shooting them with rubber bullets as they retreat, medical apartheid, discrimination, workplace intimidation, coercion and workplace bullying, corruption at all levels of government, the worlds harshest and longest lockdowns, no public forum or debate of government measures, parliament suspended in some state … if you look at that and believe that it is beyond wrong, then please help use bring an end to it, because I can guarantee you that we are a testing ground for what is coming down the track right at you.

Do not sell to us and do not buy from us. The only import I suggest is immigration … what? … yes with a caveat. Apply for immigration ONLY if you're minded to fight alongside Aussie patriots to win freedom for this country and ultimately for the world. We are the testing ground. We are one of the main theatres of battle in this war. The atrocities you see playing out here are coming to your country if they are not already there.

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